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Eamonn Curley
31 July 19
13 min read
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There has been a lot happening in the world of Glofox recently. We go through the latest news, our Global Update, and what has been going on in our Dublin HQ.

Latest News

Funding Announcement

In May we were delighted to announce that we have closed a $10m Series A funding round lea by Octopus Ventures, with additional investment from Partech, Notion Capital and Tribal VC. This new round of funding will assist in expanding our presence in the US as well as allocating funds to product and the development of innovative solutions for the enterprise market. Our CEO Conor goes into more detail about what this means here.   

Minister for Finance Visits Glofox HQ

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On July 3rd we were honored to host Minister for Finance Paschal Donohue at Glofox HQ in Dublin. The Minister chatted with Conor about the progression of Glofox over the last number of years and unveiled an agreement between the Irish Strategic Investment Fund and Glofox backers Silicon Valley Bank which will see $300m invested in Irish tech companies and start-ups over the next five years. 

Fitness Conferences

After attending the Fit Summit in Singapore, we were at several events on the other side of the world in the US. First up, we were at the Boutique Fit Summit in New York, followed by the IHRSA Conference in San Diego. Coming up is the Washington D.C edition of the Boutique Fit Summit.  

Glofox Summer Party 

It’s not all work and no play here at Glofox as we put on a summer party, which will hopefully be the first of many. Big shout out to our Office Manager Lynn for organizing a treasure hunt through the city and then food and drinks in the Jar afterward. It was an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn about the history of the city they live and work it in! Great to see the guys from our Galway office up for the day also!

Global Update

Glofox has gone global in the past year with offices opening up in Los Angles and Syndey. Here is an update on what our Global Glofoxers have been up to. 

Los Angeles

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By Ed Byrne, Sales Team Lead – US

Hey everyone, 

Ed from the sales team here!   

I’ve been with Glofox for over three years now. When I joined, there was only 10 of us, and now there are over 80 people across five offices globally. I had the honor of getting things up and running in our LA office(US HQ) earlier this summer. To grow with the company and then get this opportunity has been a phenomenal experience.

Our office is based in the Playa Vista area of LA and its exciting to be surrounded by different innovative and forward-thinking companies. As well as that, being based in the mecca of health and fitness is quite motivational, and it’s fantastic to be surrounded by this kind of culture. 

It’s exciting times also as we are building our team out here in the US. Parker was our first hire out here, and he has been killing it in his role as Sales Development Representative(SDR) so far! Recently we added Rebecca, Joshua, and Ryan to the team and they have all bought into the Glofox culture from day one! 

Rebecca is joining me for the upcoming Boutique Fitness Summit(BFS) in Washington D.C., and we can’t wait to talk about all things Glofox and the business of boutique fitness. I’ve already met some awesome people on my visits to the IHRSA, AFS and BFS NY conferences so far. 

Outside of the office, it has been super to go out with the team and sample all the different food LA had to offer. However, we aren’t just stuffing our faces as we recently attended our first yoga class together. We are hopefully going to try and get to a yoga or fitness class regularly, so we are truly living the brand inside and outside the office. 

Really looking forward to building the team further in the US and helping fitness studios grow!



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By Pirita Martikainen – Onboarding Specialist, APAC 

Hello from our Sydney office!

My name is Pirita, and I’m an onboarding manager here at Glofox, working with customers in the APAC area. I joined Glofox in April 2019 as one of the first members of our rapidly growing team in Australia, and it has been inspiring to see both the team and the business grow during my first few months at Glofox. My role is to ensure that our new customers’ onboarding process is as smooth and efficient as possible and that they have everything they need to be successful with Glofox. 

In my free time, I’m a very passionate yogi, and I am soon to be a certified yoga teacher. Being able to combine my interest in start-ups and yoga is the biggest reason why I wanted to join Glofox in the first place. On top of that, I get to teach meditation at the office and contribute to our social responsibility. 

Our team in Australia is currently working on bringing more yoga and fitness studios onboard with Glofox and growing our presence in the APAC area. All of us are working hard to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing industry, but what makes it worth it is our very supportive team of like-minded people. It’s rewarding to be a part of a team that shares many laughs every day and celebrates the achievements together as a team. 

Outside the office, we try and get together for some fun team bonding exercises and made a recent trip to the laser tag for our Winter Party!

Ireland Update 

In our offices in Dublin and Galway, some exciting developments have been happening. Our Galway team has outgrown it’s old office space and has now moved into new premises. This team is growing rapidly and is a testament to the talent that can be found outside of Dublin. 


By James Delaney – Product Specialist 

I’m James, and I work on the Sales Team in the Dublin Office as a Product Specialist.

I started in Glofox in October 2018 after returning from a year and a half in Vancouver. Glofox really caught my eye as I’m interested in fitness and technology, so it seemed like a no brainer. When I’m not blowing prospects minds with the power of Glofox on a demo, I like to go to the gym, play video games, and listen to podcasts.

It’s fast times right now in the Glofox Sales Team. The team is growing quickly and it’s great to have so many new faces joining us. Big shout out to our LA team with Rebecca, Ryan, and Josh joining this month, and Ed who’s in LA to onboard our new starters. Not forgetting Elliot, who just joined us as our Australia based SDR.

Since the last update, Patrick has joined the team as our Sales Director, and everyone has been rolling their sleeves up to keep new customers coming in and making sure their experience with Glofox is smooth from the first call through to close. We’ve been building some strong momentum month on month with reaching growth targets, so everyone is excited as the team expands to keep scaling that upwards!

Finally big congratulations to Ronan Mahon for finally getting to ride his new motorbike. Ronan first ordered the bike way back in February(?). After many months of waiting for delivery and VRT issues, Ronan has finally been united with his lovely new motorbike this week. Ride on Ronan, ride on…


By Darragh Kelly – Product Marketing Manager 

I joined Glofox in February of this year as a Product Marketing Manager. Before that, I spent six years living in San Francisco and working in advertising, specifically the mobile gaming industry. And before that, I was living it up in the bright lights of Roscommon!

Working on the Marketing Team is a lot of fun. We get to bounce around crazy ideas and then turn them into strategies that bring in new leads for the Sales Team. A big part of my role is communicating the product to new and existing customers. Right now, an area I am focused on is the website. In Q2, we launched phase 1 of the redesign, and in Q3, we will have completed phase 2. For most potential customers, their Glofox journey begins with our website, so we must make a great first impression. 

We recently had our Glofox summer party. A big thank you to Lynn for organizing a fun treasure hunt around the city. I actually learned a lot about Dublin! A funny moment that stands out was when we had to take a picture next to the Luke Kelly statue on King St. Ronan Cleary went one step further and gave us a rendition of ‘Dirty Old Town’ right next to Luke himself. Next thing we know there’s a group of American tourists gathering around for the show! With Cleary’s authentic Dublin brogue I’m sure they thought they heard the real thing. And had we stayed any longer; he would have surely earned a few coins! 

Product and Engineering

By Igor Kochajkiewicz – Lead Product Designer 

Hey everyone, greetings from Glofox Design department!

My name is Igor, and I’m Lead Product Designer at Glofox in Dublin. Our two-person (👋🏻Cristi) team works on the suite of our digital products on the web and mobile. The life of a Glofox designer is not all fonts and colors, so before we get into this any further, you best forget the myth of a “lonely creative.” Sure, we like our type and our color palettes, but design at Glofox is definitely a team sport.

I’ve been designing at Glofox for over a year, but I have yet to have a “slow” day! We sit within the Product Team, and every design job starts with a conversation with somebody from Product. After all, they know our customers best! We find out the job requirements, and get working on a solution, consulting product and our Engineering Team at every step, mindful of any technological constraints.

We also test designs. Even though you might hear the phrase “user testing,” the process does not involve testing anybody, but our designs. Testing is essential in the product design process; it helps us see how a feature would be used and design the simplest solution possible. Plus, when we share our initial designs internally, the team seem to enjoy a sneak peek of what’s coming and give us plenty of useful feedback! Another key responsibility is learning about our customers’ needs. Whether it’s sitting in on calls with PMs or sifting through analytics, we have to know the people we’re designing for and stay informed on how they use our products.  

Finally, when we get to splash some color, we put our choices to yet another test! Some color combinations can be particularly hard to read, like the light grey text on a white background. To work around that, we make sure our designs have enough contrast so that people with less-than-perfect vision or color blindness can use our products without issues.

Outside of design work, I have one more important task at Glofox: making sure Tato, our office dog and Head of Barketing visits the Dublin HQ at least once a week! His contribution to office life could not be overestimated. After all, petting a dog for 10mins lowers stress and anxiety levels, and brings blood pressure down – and all he wants in return is a space to nap under the desk and a slice of carrot!

dog looking at camera

Support and Success

By Niall McDermott, Technical Support Operations 

My name is Niall, and my role in Glofox is Technical Support Operations. I’m part of the growing technical support team here at Glofox, which assists the Customer Experience team. I joined Glofox back in August 2017 as a Customer Support Agent and have been lucky to be part of an amazing time of growth in that department and the company as a whole. From what was a department of 5 people is now 20+ spread across offices across the world, allowing us to truly deliver 24-hour support coverage. 

The technical support team works in a lot of different areas across the company, but our main focus is to ensure we can correctly spot any issues that come in. We then highlight them quickly to our development team to get resolved as well as providing the support team with a clear explanation of what the issue is. The job involves a lot of problem-solving so it can be quite rewarding work!

As the company grows and the more clients we have, so does the workload of the Technical Support team. We were lucky to have two new joiners to our existing Technical Support team. James O’Neill has recently moved from his role as a  Customer Support Specialist and has made an immediate impact on the team. Recently we were lucky to have Bhagyashree More join our Sydney team and become the first member of the technical support team in the growing Sydney office. This has allowed us to have 24-hour Technical Support coverage (and lets the team in Dublin to sleep a little easier!) 


By Pedro Weissheimer, Accounts

Hi all,

Its Pedro and I’m an Account Assistant at Glofox. 

I joined the team around two months ago. I was looking for a fast-paced tech company, and Glofox perfectly matched what I was looking for in terms of the job description and the office vibe.

My day to day includes looking after the payments. I make sure accounts are paid on time and resolve any issues around this. I also make sure any subscriptions for the tools and software we use are kept up to date. Another part of my job is to assist in creating reports for the financial results of the business 

In our team, we are continually trying to improve processes. At the moment I’m focused on implementing a Standards of Procedures to all the payments and receivables. To make sure this is going to work, I have to think about the role of other parties involved in the process, which requires a lot of attention. And that’s why it’s fun! When this is ready, we intend to save a lot of time and money for the company so that we can invest more in other aspects of the business. 

In my spare time, I like to keep fit and particularly enjoy yoga. A few weeks ago, I signed up for a yoga teacher training course, which will start in two weeks. With the course, I hope to get a better understanding of the practice and improve this pose!

man doing hanstand