Product Updates at Glofox: Quarterly Recap

Lucy Connor
31 March 21
4 min read

Here is a recap of some recent product updates and new integrations available on Glofox. With many markets now reopening, especially the UK and US, we are pleased to see the industry rebounding strongly and more people coming back to the gym. As businesses get busier, we’re continuing to invest in new and existing features on the platform:

Save Time and Boost Revenue with the Lost Members Report

The Lost Members report enables you to target lost members so you can convert them to paying members once more. This report shows you every client that is no longer active with your business including clients who have either canceled or expired.

​The Lost Members report is available now and can help you save time and grow revenue as you re-engage lost clients and win back previous business. To learn more about this report, visit our Knowledge Base.

Simplified Sales Tax

Our Sales Tax feature allows you to simplify the process of adding and assigning multiple tax rates to your products and services by automatically calculating tax at the checkout.

For our US and Canadian customers, this means you can now remove tax from the list price of your products and services, and instead tax will be applied at the check-out for a more familiar purchase experience. 

Sales Tax also brings transparency to year-end accounting by providing a full, exportable tax breakdown in the transactions report.

For more information on how to set up Sales Tax, get in touch or visit our Knowledge Base:

Glofox Partners and Integrations

We’re always working to bring you new and exciting integrations. Take a look at some of our latest editions below, or visit our Knowledge Base to learn more.

Increase Your Business Revenue with Gympass

Gympass is the world’s leading corporate wellbeing company. Integrating with them can bring a new stream of clients to your studio, at no extra cost. This integration allows employees of a company signed up to Gympass to book and access gyms and studios at a lower rate. The company your new client works for; pays the difference.

For example, a new corporate company signs up to Gympass so their employees can book into classes that are integrated with Gympass (Potentially you) for 20% off the original price. This corporate company would then cover the difference in the cost incurred by the studio, bringing you a new stream of revenue at no extra cost. 

Why integrate with Gympass:

  • Gympass connects partnered gyms with thousands of eligible employees from companies all across the globe 
  • Boosted revenue 
  • Free! This integration won’t cost a thing

To integrate your Glofox account with Gympass, you will first need to become a Gympass partner. You can do that here, or you can visit our Knowledge Base for more information.

Improve Client Sentiment with Listen360

It’s now possible to integrate Glofox with a Listen360 account. Listen360 is an NPS-based customer engagement and local marketing platform for businesses. It enables businesses to engage customers, take necessary action to improve deficiencies, and transform delighted customers into brand advocates via social media & online review sites. 

To integrate Glofox with Listen360 you will first need to set up a Listen360 account, you can do that here. For more information, visit our Knowledge Base.

Note: Although the integration between Glofox and Listen360 is free, Listen360 is an external service that is not included in your Glofox subscription. For more details on Listen360 pricing, you can contact their sales team here

Seamless Rewards & Referrals with Perkville

You can now integrate with Perkville to run reward and referral programs. Perkville allows you to easily reward your clients for making purchases, taking classes, referring friends, posting to social media, and more. Perkville also helps keep your clients engaged by prompting them to refer friends and promote your business on social networks. As a result, you get more referrals and an increase in client retention. For more information, visit our Knowledge Base.

Note: Although the integration between Glofox and Perkville is free, Perkville is an external service that is not included in your Glofox subscription. For more details on Perkville pricing, you can contact their sales team here

If you have any feedback or questions regarding these updates, please reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our Knowledge Base.