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Power your Affiliate Gym with the Glofox Software Solution


Athlete Management

Keep track of athlete attendance, progress and overall activity with your box gym with ease through individual athlete profiles stored in your admin Dashboard.



Create and update your class schedule with ease and view the changes directly in your calendar view so all your coaches can stay up to date with the happenings of your box.


Membership Management

Create and manage unlimited membership types including class-based packages and monthly memberships, directly from your Dashboard.


Online & Mobile Booking

Athletes can book into a class on the go through your Member App or Website Portal. If a class is full, the waiting list feature alerts athletes if a space becomes available.


Online & Mobile Payments

Your athletes can pay for classes and products through your Member App or Website Portal. Set recurring payments for memberships, so you’re never left waiting.



The reporting tool gives you access to key metrics on how you’re business is performing from class revenue and membership sales, right up to athlete attendance.

tick   Save 2 hours a day in admin time

tick   Increase revenue by 33%

tick   Drive member retention by 25%

The Complete Box Management Solution

Your admin Dashboard makes your day easier by automating repetitive tasks, from membership management and class scheduling to athlete billing and financial reporting.

Your branded mobile Member App gives your athletes a convenient way to book and pay for your classes and purchase memberships without hassle.

Your Website Portal integrates your live class schedule with your website so that athletes or new customers can purchase your services online.

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An Admin Dashboard with Ease of Use at the Core

Achieve more results from less clicks with the Glofox Dashboard

We’ve designed Glofox with ease of use for you and your members in mind.

Tasks such as creating classes and collecting payments are so simple with our solution. Our aim is to enable you to get admin tasks done quicker, so that you can take back control of your precious time.

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A Member App Completely Tailored to your Brand

With Glofox, you give your members the ultimate experience by creating a mobile extension of your brand for easy booking, payments and engagement.


In-App Notifications

Keep your athletes pushing themselves to the limit with targeted in-app and email notifications. Auto alerts ensure your athletes never miss a class, or a payment.


News Feed

Keep your community strong and active by sharing WOD results, workout videos and training tips directly through your Member App News Feed.


WOD Tracking *Coming Soon

Your athletes can monitor their personal records and see how much they’ve improved with simple WOD tracking, helping them to stay motivated to train with your box.

“Glofox has streamlined our member management.

It has quite literally given me back over 8 hours a week that was being absorbed by admin! This allows me to focus my time on improving other aspects of the business and as a result we have seen a huge improvement in retention rates, new subscriptions and revenue.”

“A brilliant piece of software that is exceptionally easy to use.

As a CrossFit gym owner, I would highly recommend it. We saw a huge increase in member satisfaction, a jump in our revenue and most importantly, it's given me back valuable hours every single day. It did everything it said it would and more!”

Bringing Affiliate Gyms Closer to their Athletes

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